This is so hard for me
To find the words to say
My thoughts are standing still

Captive inside of me
All emotions start to hide
And nothing's getting

Watch me,
I'm losing
All my instincts,
Falling into darkness

So much uncertainty
I don't like this feeling
I'm sinking like a stone

Each time I try to speak
There's a voice I'm hearing
And it changes everything

Watch me,
Crawl from
The wreckage
Of my silence

Tear down these walls for me
Stop me from going under
You are the only one who knows
I'm holding back

It's not too late for me,
To keep from sinking further
(I'm trying to find my way out,
Take down these walls

Everytime you choose to turn away
Is it worth the price you pay?
Is there someone who will wait for you
One more time? [x2]

* These Walls, Octavarium (2007) - Dream Theater *


There's a story in your eyes
I can see the hurt behind your smile
For every sign I recognize
Another one escapes me

Let me know what plagues your mind
Let me be the one to know you best
Be the one to hold you up
When you feel like you're sinking

Tell me once again
What's beneath the pain you're feeling
Don't abandon me
Or think you can't be saved

Summon up your ghosts for me
Rest your tired thoughts upon my hands
Step inside this sacred place
When all your dreams seem broken

Resonate inside this temple
Let me be the one who understands
Be the one to carry you
When you can walk no further

Tell me once again
What's below the surface bleeding
If you've lost your way,
I will take you there

Where everything is wrong
Where hopelessness surrounds you
The sun will rise again
The tide you swim against
Will carry you back home
So don't give up
Don't give in

I walk beside you
Wherever you are
Whatever it takes
No matter how far
Through all that may come
And all that may go
I walk beside you

I walk beside you

* I Walk Beside You, Octavarium (2007) - Dream Theater *


Everything is getting clearer..
Its time for take a rest..
Then make the flow..

I am tough girl, rite?!

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