somehow, it hurts me so.

I just can't get why x could do these to us.

X's learning I think.
Me, too, actually.
But please, don't with the way like this.

We're really happy to learn.
But we're not good at being object of learn.
WE could be mean me, my family, my parents.
Or maybe he, his wife, his 3yo daughter and his adult-wanna-be boy.
Or maybe she, her husband, her 1yo boy and another cute daughter.

When i heard a story from one of us, about the children of hers, about how far they are from her, it really hurts me somehow.

When she told in her story that her children prefer to slept with their babysitter than slept with her, which is their beloved mother who works sooo hard untill she couldn't hug her children so often.

Oh, come on, it is not good, really.



i am not freelancer.

there are no differences between weekdays, weekend and holidays for freelancer.

they are free to do anything anytime any day.
unfortunately, i am not freelancer, that surrounded by 'freelancer'.

honestly, this long weekend really really means to me.
but sadly, they really really don't understand me.