There are few things happened in my last 30 hours.
Yea, kind of shocking things, i should say!
Seems like big things, but nothing.

Hmm, baru kerasa kalo lagi gini, ternyata banyak banget yang berubah dari gw. Kejadian-kejadian tanpa sadar "memaksa" diri untuk melakukuan evaluasi. Menyenangkan! Awesome! Banyak hal yang akhirnya terungkap. Dan banyak juga tekad yang akan direalisasikan, insya Allah.

Yap, maybe, for now I'm not tough anough, but yes, there's no time without strugling and fighting any more. I'd love to get move on, whatever situation, and be brave, untill I get better.

And yes, maybe I'm not good enough, and I always am not good enough, 'cause I am human, rite? But I know I'll be better 'cause some things make me feel (and also trust to myself) that I am the real-good-learner. I just want to make all my love (Mom - Dad and the other fam, Ferdian Feisal, my beloved friends that might not realize they always brave me with their ways, and some hidden things in me) feel happier than last thing I do to them. I just want that!

Allah, I'm so much sorry to dissapoint you in some ways. You are the greatest i know. You are the light of the dark that i'm in. You are the most-best friend everysmallestunitoftime. And me? I'd easily make some bad things u really dont like. Oh, what kind of person i am?

Yes, maybe I will never be as good as what my love want. But I will never stop try to be good in some area of us. The most thing is, I will try to always thank Allah in so many ways, for all the things in my life.

Hmm, btw, I am changing! I feel it.

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