Since Two Years Ago

We was in dilemma / They told what they really didn't know / Or maybe we just tried to find social justification to make everything felt fine / So much unreachable thoughts.

Istikharah finally showed us to walk further, together.

till too much heart attacks of us / Egoism was the winner / Fading and losing the instincts / Communication / The way you told me to focus on what we wanted, that is good relationship / Then finally tore down those walls.

Well, there were so many things to clear.
So much differences to acceptable. To complement each other.
Make sure that we're looking at one vision of us.

Even we're not pass the start line yet.
I am sure, we are having a good foundation of relationship.
You did it. You've lead me well.

And yes, since two years ago,
I'm in love everyday with you, dear. Everyday..

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Anonymous said...

jadi terharu.....hiks2... like this vi....

Ovie Asykari said...

thanks.. :')
btw, ini siapa?

takin said...

so sweeeeeeettttttttttttt...suka dech...^^

Anonymous said...

eng.. ing.. eng..
numpang lewat, vie. Silaturrahim nie...

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