banyak yang akan disesali tapi dinyatakan pada akhirnya
banyak yang tidak disangka-sangka tapi ternyata terjadi begitu saja

everything become clearer..
but some still imbalance, in mind..
*huh! jz sensitivity of me!*

now, i promise i won't give my dear again, and i will never look back!
because there is commitment of mine, for being with someone else
i resolve for that!

i will make sure you won't be dissapointed with your clarify that you have regret about..
there will be no more "you" in my next life..

i will never forget ur-own-way to do all this, to be like this
you still always be my precious, whatever you say..
and i still admire you about things!
wish we will meet again with a better condition..

i will never look back
i will never regret

there's only him! i promise!

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